“Creativity requires imagination, courage and honesty.
I feel alive and fulfilled when I’m immersed in creativity”.

Art Practice

photo5Debianne first began painting as a child, working with oils and gouache at the age of 13. In her 20s, she began to explore water colours and, to this day, it remains her quintessential painting form.

“I regard it as being the most challenging and profound of all mediums, with a luminous transparency that captures the qualities of light, while also revealing my painting process. It offers no forgiveness for error or change, demanding an immediate response to the variations of both water and paint”.

Debianne has studied with a number of recognised art teachers: notably, Patricia Wade Quinn and Dr. Bronwen Wade – Leeuwen, with whom she worked in the Moku expressionist style; watercolour studies with Roger Waller at the Waverly Art Centre (Sydney); and Antoinette McSharry and Adrienne Crouch at the Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby.

Debianne has sold a number of her works to private collectors in Australia and has exhibited in Sydney galleries.

Artistic Perspective & Methods

photo1Her art studies have seen her evolve into a more abstract expressionist style that embraces and expresses “behind and within” energies, forms and feelings. Today, her work is largely informed by dualistic energies – light/dark, form/emptiness, stillness/activity, openings/closures.

“I look for the underlying gesture or formation, ‘behind the visible’ – capturing the ‘in-between’ in the sense of what is out there and inside me”.

In more recent years, Debianne has experimented with various papers and paper preparation to achieve different textures, as well as patination and full-bodied washes in the Asian “Moku” style. She has also worked with “more pigment/less water” and “more space/less form“. Constant experimentation enables her to explore and play with new methods and ideas.

Architectural Practice

Debianne is a qualified architect (NSW Architects Registration Board no. 4695), and holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch Hons) from the University of New South of Wales. Her graduation thesis was in Feng Shui. During her studies, Professors Kollar and Snodgrass inspired in her a particular focus on sacred geometry and sacred spaces.

She is a Member of The Australian Institute of Architects, and regularly acts as an examiner for the Architects Registration Board.

Debianne established Indigo and Ochre Architectural Services in 1990. The name of the practice embodies her two favourite colours, and references the plant and mineral kingdoms from which all buildings emerge. She has a long standing team of highly qualified professionals supporting her practice.

She focuses on residential work, ranging from large-scale new multi-million dollar homes to smaller single carports. A large component of her practice involves alterations and additions, requiring a sympathetic and harmonising ethos.

Debianne embodies the same principles of design in all her architectural work: appropriate style, ease of flow, balance of form and gesture, colour and texture, massing and context.

She is a highly collaborative professional, supporting her clients in ensuring that their property rights are vigorously defended, and that their vision and aspirations are expressed in their homes.

Debianne provides a comprehensive architectural service, including Design, Documentation and Administration; to enquire about Debianne’s services please Contact her.